The Vehicle to Grid Project

The Vehicle to Grid (V2G) project will be rolled out in the following phases.

Spreading awareness for V2G in Australia

Generally vehicle to grid technology requires significant understanding of electric vehicle design, transmission network and demand management issues as well as sustainable energy advancements in order to fully appreciate such a field. Spreading awareness is a vital step to seeing vehicle to grid developed, standardised and initiated in Australia.

Gathering Support from Government, Power Utilities and Sustainable Energy related businesses

Once the concept has been documented, understood and demonstrated to potential stakeholders, the process of gathering interest will be initiated. This will bring together several industries who can help eachother to achieve win-win outcomes both financially and with environmental benefits.


The process of setting up policy, procedures and standards for electric vehicles connecting to smart power systems in Australia.

Business Involvement for Recharge Point Access

Thousands of businesses with the appropriate land will be contacted and asked if they wish to be involved in a free recharge scheme. The idea here is that the recharging infrastructure is donated by the utility, the elctricity donated by the restaurant, service station, cafe or plaza etc. The person will be inclined to spend some time there shopping for the few dollars of free fuel.

Mapping and communication

Acurate maps showing recharge points in Australia will be developed. Applications may feed into GPS's so that a driver can know when they are near to recharge stations. Other software and web based applications could be developed to aid communication process between the growing community of electric vehicle owners.

Here is an example of a potential future vehicle to grid (V2G) installation. If every suburb had just one recharge point, then this is what the grid would look like.

Vehicle to Grid in Melbourne