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Wikipedia page on V2G. This page provides a great introduction to the concept of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology.

An introduction to V2G. Some good points on V2G and a text explaining how V2G will shape the future of transportation.

Tesla Motors takes on V2G challenge. One of the US's leading electric vehicle manufacturers and designers is looking into the benefits of vehicle-to-grid.

Green Car Congress V2G challenge. Pacific Gas and electric company is partnering with Tesla Motors to further evolve the vehicle to grid concept.

Article on V2G. 100,000 residents to become a smart grid city using vehicle to grid.

V2G System Article. Simulation in the US demonstrates V2G EV connected about 95% of the time can save utility up to $7000 per year in demand management.

Of particular note, have a look at the following article:

PDF Presentation on V2G

This modelling of a generation scenario with high wind portfolio is an excellent example of the benefits of a vehicle to grid system. The conclusions at the end of the presentation are:

  • BEV's (battery electric vehicles) could offer all wind regulation and storage needed, based on back of the envelope calculations; PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) could provide regulation but may not be large enough for diurnal wind storage
  • Huge air quality and CO2 improvements because both electric utility and transportation are improved
  • Economic incentive to electrify transportation and capture value to utility - the money that would have gone to pumped storage or combustion turbines instead goes to ZEVs
  • Enables much larger penetration of intermittent renewables

Google's switch to Vehicle to Grid (V2G) for fleet cars.

Resources in Australia

Victoria (Melbourne)

Future Melbourne V2G Taxi's

V2G concept in Melbourne

New South Wales (Sydney)

Energetique and Ergon V2G trial - Energetique and Ergon Energy have announced a joint project to develop and test the integration of electric vehicles with the electricity grid

Queensland (Brisbane)

South Australia (Adelaide)

Western Australia (Perth)

EV Works - WA's premiere electric vehicle business

Tasmania (Hobart)

Nissan V2G grids up

Northern Territory (Darwin)

Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)